Welcome to the Swefling Parish Council website.

Swefling (sometimes spelt Sweffling) is a village in East Suffolk. It has a population of about 190. 

Swefling was a settlement in Domesday Book, in the hundred of PlomesgateSuffolkIt had a recorded population of 48 households in 1086, putting it in the largest 20% of settlements recorded in Domesday.

The Parish Councillors are;

 Cllr John Stanley - Chair

Cllr Jude Chin

Cllr Julia Kinsey 

Cllr Audrey Lummis 

Cllr John Tesh 

Sweffling Parish Council have two seats available on the council, please see below the Notice of Vacancy for both positions. 

If you would like to express interest in the following posts please the contact the Clerk via email: Sweffling.clerk@outlook.com  














The most recent elections were held in May 2019 and  Parish Councillors were elected for a 4 year term or have been co-opted until the end of the council term  May 4th 2023.


 Sweffling Parish Clerk

Erika Spall 


Councillors’ Responsibilities 

The Parish Council’s responsibilities include: 

  • Finance – We responsible for the approval and monitoring of Council expenditure, annually analysing future funding requirements and recommending the precept to be raised. also arranging insurance of parish property, loans and donations and other associated activities requiring finance. 

  • Parish assets – The Council looks after Jubilee Field and its play/exercising equipment,  the village sign, the notice-board and the Village’s three historic grass triangles together with other assets. An up to date list of assets is maintained and published on this website. 

  • Planning — The Parish Council receives and considers all Planning Applications relating to the Parish. Recommendations from the Council either in support of the application or as objections, are passed to East Suffolk Council who, as Planning Authority, take note of these comments in their determination of the application. A full list of planning applications considered by the Parish Council can be viewed on East Suffolk Council Planning Portal 

  • Highways – The Parish Council liaises with the local highway authority on matters such as road condition, drainage and cleaning, signposting etc. 

The Councillors Register of Interests is published on the East Suffolk website.


The Parish Council meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month (except for August and December) in the Village Hut at 7.30 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.

The next meeting is on Tuesday 8th February 2022.


Map of Sweffling
To see a map of Sweffling showing the parish boundaries and footpaths, please download Sweffling map.